Caitlin Caporale And Hannah Kirby The Voice Knockout Video: Watch Blake Shelton STEAL BACK His Contestant!

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Hanna Kirby Caitlin Caporale Voice Knockout Video

By Shari Weiss |

Hanna Kirby Caitlin Caporale Voice Knockout Video


Caitlin Caporale and Hannah Kirby had a Knockout on “The Voice” on Tuesday that was so amazing, Blake Shelton was moved to steal back his former contestant. Watch below!

During the Battle round earlier this month, Shelton gave up Kirby when he didn’t choose her as the winner of her showdown, leading Pharrell to steal her. Now, for the last face-off on Tuesday’s Knockout episode, Pharrell paired her with Caporale for a back-to-back duel. Unlike in the Battles, where the artists do a joint performance, the Knockout features the contestants choosing their own songs, and singing one after another. There can still only be one winner, though, and Pharrell surely had his work cut out for him.

Caporale took on “Warrior” by Demi Lovato, while Kirby went with the 1980s hit, “Higher Love.” Kirby performed first, and Adam Levine whispered to Pharrell, “She’s crazy, man. Don’t let go of her.” Levine later said he couldn’t even “imagine” deciding between them, but would select Kirby if it was up to him. Her former coach, Shelton, began by saying he couldn’t “find one thing wrong” with Caporale’s performance, while Kirby had “perfect singing.”

Shelton declined to say whom he would pick, which might’ve been strategy so he could go for the steal later. Christina Aguilera, meanwhile, called Caporale a contestant her “team has to look out for” later on in the competition, and deemed Kirby “so entertaining.” Pharrell pointed out how different the two singers are, but after calling “both of them my favorites,” he announced Caporale as the winner.

That freed Kirby up for the steal, and Shelton went for it! “It’s a homecoming!” yelled Carson Daly over the excitement. The country superstar admitted he “screwed up” during the Battles, and that he never thought he’d “have the opportunity to get [her] back where [she] belongs.” Shelton also tweeted after the broadcast, “I GOT HANNAH BACK, YA’LL!! @pharrell I love you, boo. #VoiceKnockouts.” Check out the video below!


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