Caitlyn Jenner Son Burt: I Don’t Associate With Kardashians (VIDEO)

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Burt jenner kardashians caitlyn

By Michael Lewittes |

Burt jenner kardashians caitlyn

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Burt Jenner is making one thing clear, he does not associate himself with “Keeping With Up The Kardashians.” Although members of his family, including dad Caitlyn Jenner, have starred on all 10 seasons of the hit reality show, when asked about it Burt replied, “I plead the fifth.” Check out the video below to see what else Burt had to say about Caitlyn and his former step-siblings.

Caitlyn’s oldest son Burt may be a Jenner, but for a long time that’s all the truck racer had in common with his father. On Thursday, in a segment on Australia’s “Today Show,” Burt admitted that while he barely had a relationship with his father in the past, since Caitlyn’s transition this year the two are closer than ever.

Burt, who at times interchanged pronouns, explained, “I think he’s realized that family means a lot to him. Just like anybody else in life, all you got is family.” Not only are the father and son closer, Burt revealed Caitlyn is much nicer than Bruce ever was. “She is a better person. Honesty is always the building block for any relationship, and at least we have that now,” noted Burt.

And while Burt’s relationship with his dad may have improved, one thing that hasn’t changed are his feelings about the show that made his family famous. Burt has made a handful of appearances on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” which catapulted his little sisters and former step-siblings to fame, but he says he doesn’t associate himself with the show.

When asked about the series on the Australian “Today Show,” Burt replied, “I plead the fifth.” He added, “I don’t really associate myself with it much. I don’t watch it. It’s just not part of my life.” NOTE: Video is no longer available.


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