Bryce Dallas Howard: Chris Pratt “Fight” Rumor Is “So Not True”

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Bryce Dallas Howard Chris Pratt Fight

By Shari Weiss |

Bryce Dallas Howard Chris Pratt Fight

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Bryce Dallas Howard is shooting down a false rumor claiming she’s fighting with Jurassic World co-star Chris Pratt. The actress’ denial confirms a recent Gossip Cop bust about a supposed feud.

On Thursday night, a fan tweeted, “@BryceDHoward @prattprattpratt Are you both in a fight? I am A HUGE fan of you both and Jurassic world so i hope you’re both in it!” Within minutes, Howard saw the tweet and replied to the concerned supporter. She wrote in response, “That rumor is so not true!!! I worship Chris! We’re shooting next year and counting the days!!!”

Howard also tagged Pratt’s Twitter handle in the message, and even included an emoji showing a heart between a girl and a guy. It didn’t take long for the actor to see the exchange, leading him to tweet, “Love you too Bryce! Just reading the script right now! So awesome! Round two baby!!!”

He went on to add, “People are stupid. And mean. Don’t buy it for a second. BDH is my spirit animal. I’d go to the mat for her and I know she feels the same.” While no context for the rumor was given, Gossip Cop suspects it’s the result of an untrue story that came out in July. The Morning Ledger claimed the Jurassic World sequel’s release date might be delayed because the lead co-stars were “squabbling.”

It was alleged Pratt and Howard “aren’t seeing eye to eye which could ripple to production delays,” though the outlet acknowledged it couldn’t “confirm what is really happening behind the scenes as no official comments have been made on the speculated rough relationship.” Well, no “official comment” was necessary because the feud claims were baseless.

In a fact, a rep for Pratt even exclusively told Gossip Cop at the time that the story was “completely untrue,” and the film was still on track for its 2018 release. Now Howard is confirming that, too, as is Pratt himself.


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