‘The Bachelorette’ Finale Recap: Rachel Lindsay, Bryan Engaged (VIDEO)

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Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Finale Recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette Finale Recap


Rachel Lindsay got engaged on “The Bachelorette” finale to Bryan. But before he was able to propose, Rachel still had a few last dates, including one with Bryan. She also had to face the men later during the live show. Get “The Bachelorette” finale recap and watch the proposal below!

The final episode of this season’s “The Bachelorette” began with Rachel sitting on a stage with Chris Harrison during the three-hour live episode. At times, Rachel offered commentary to go along with the final show. But before watching it back with Harrison, she told him, “It’s emotional” and “nerve-wracking” because she was also going to be confronted by two of the men she said goodbye to and hasn’t seen since May.

The show then went back to when Peter told Rachel in Rioja, Spain that he couldn’t guarantee that he would propose because he wanted to be certain beforehand that he’d only propose (and get married) once in his life. After they both realized how much they cared for one another, Rachel gave Peter an invite to the overnight fantasy suite, where he said he wanted to spend more time with her. Both the bachelorette and Peter went into the hotel room hoping they could work out their differences.

The next morning in bed, a shirtless Peter told Rachel that he “felt like we were couple.” He added that he also thought their relationship was “better.” Still, the bachelorette admitted to the camera that they were miles apart from being the same page.

Next, Rachel went horseback riding with Bryan around a vineyard in Rioja. Over a glass of wine outdoors, Bryan confessed that it was “tough” because he knew two other men were vying hard for her heart. The two even acknowledged their date was good, but not as great as they had each hoped. Rachel confided to the camera that part of the problem was “Peter messed with my mind.”

Later that night, they shared dinner and Bryan talked about how things were a “little off” earlier at the vineyard. He asked, “Is something bothering you?” She assured him it was nothing he said or did. After he said he was “little down” during their day date, the bachelorette kissed him and then invited him to the overnight fantasy suite. He said, “Absolutely yes, 100 percent.”

The next morning the two were filmed kissing in bed and eating strawberries. “I feel like last night brought us a lot closer,” Rachel told Bryan. He said in a voiceover as he was leaving her room that he felt confident it would be him who would be proposing to her.

It was then time for one more rose ceremony. Even though Eric opened his heart and finally felt he could have a committed relationship, Rachel sent him home. To say Eric was crushed would be an understatement. He told the bachelorette he would “always love” her and thanked Rachel for teaching him how to “profess” love. That, of course, left Peter and Bryan as the last two men standing.

Eric joined Rachel on stage during the live show. He told Harrison that it was difficult being sent home and that he “absolutely” would have proposed to Rachel had he not been eliminated. Still, he thanked the bachelorette for enabling him now to go out and embrace love with another person.

Going back to the taped program, Rachel then went on one last date with Peter and with Bryan. First up was Bryan. The two took a hot air balloon over Rioja. In between enjoying the scenery, they kissed. That night, Bryan assured Rachel he would spend the rest of his life loving her and if she didn’t choose him, it would be a “mistake.” He gave the bachelorette a Spanish dictionary he put together for her with the words for “husband,” “wife,” “leap of faith” and “forever.”

Next, it was time for Peter’s final date. The two met up at a monastery high up in the hills. A monk there gave them a tour and shared his thoughts on love. Following that, Rachel and Peter again got into a heavy conversation about getting engaged and marriage. Peter said the hardest part for him was having 24 hours to decide whether she was his “one and only.”

Rachel went to his hotel room that evening to find out where his head and heart were. Peter confessed, “I don’t feel like I’m ready to ask you to marry me tomorrow.” He added, “I don’t want to stop being with you,” and expressed that he believed he would be there “in time.” “I want to build a relationship with you,” Peter reiterated, but it didn’t seem to be enough for Rachel who wanted to get engaged. While they both wiped away tears, Peter said, “I wish you the very best.”

Rachel told Harrison during the live show that it was “frustrating” living through that and seeing it again. “I cried my eyelashes off,” the bachelorette said, trying to explain how many tears she shed. The bachelorette still couldn’t understand why Peter wouldn’t take that chance on them.

Peter then came out and explained that it was “difficult” to relive that. “It was hard,” Peter recalled when watching Rachel walk away, adding that he wondered then and even now “what could have been different.” Rachel expressed that she didn’t think the process of “The Bachelorette” was for Peter, who takes his time and overthinks. After telling the bachelorette that he felt “attacked” on the live show, Peter maintained he wouldn’t have done anything differently. Still, he thanked her for helping him “develop feelings of love.”

In the end, while Peter couldn’t commit, Bryan could. At the end of all the activities and dates with more than two dozen men over the course of the season, it was down to Bryan. After picking out an engagement ring with Neil Lane, Bryan head to the final rose ceremony.

Once there, Bryan told Rachel, “You are everything I could ever want in a women, my wife, the mother of my children.” He assured Rachel that she was the “love of my life.” For her part, Rachel said, “I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.” After some kissing, Bryan then dropped down to one knee and asked the bachelorette to marry him. Naturally, Rachel said, “Yes” and gave him the final rose. Check out the video below of Bryan proposing to Rachel and the two getting engaged. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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