Bryan Tanaka Spending Mariah Carey’s Money “Out Of Control”?

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Bryan Tanaka Mariah Carey Money

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Bryan Tanaka Mariah Carey Money

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Bryan Tanaka is spending Mariah Carey’s money “out of control,” according to the same tabloid that falsely claimed they were engaged in January. Gossip Cop can not only shoot down this untrue report, but also show how it’s part of a series of erroneous claims one publication has run about the couple.

The tabloid in question is Life & Style, which may want to consider changing its name to “Lies & No Style.” In the first five months of 2017 alone, the gossip magazine ran five inaccurate articles about Carey and Tanaka. In January, the gossip magazine was wrong about the pair being engaged. In February it was wrong about the singer buying him a life-size doll of herself. In April it was wrong about Carey giving the dancer money to buy her gifts. That same month it was wrong about the performer dumping Tanaka for being poor. And then at the end of the month it was wrong about Tanaka writing a tell-all book to get revenge on Carey.

Now after an apparent break from spreading falsehoods about the pair, the outlet is featuring an article in its current edition with the headline, “Watch Out, Mariah! Bryan’s Spending Is Out Of Control.” The publication claims that in the wake of Carey splitting with her manager Stella Bulochnikov, Tanaka has “unofficially taken the managerial reins, and that’s proving to be problematic.” A so-called “source” claims he’s “trying to manage Mariah’s life and finances [but] the problem is he’s digging deep into her millions as he does.” Contends the tabloid, “He’s digging too deep.”

“He’ll go on huge spending sprees with Mariah’s money without thinking twice about it,” alleges the supposed snitch. “He’s already spent $50,000 on Christmas gifts for her.” Notably, it’s not said what any of the purported purchases exactly are. The specious tipster just maintains Tanaka “doesn’t really know what he’s doing” when it comes to money, and the magazine asserts Carey is still “letting him make career and financial decisions” for her anyway. But that simply isn’t true. Just days ago, Carey signed with Roc Nation for management. Tanaka serves as a creative director for the songstress, but that in no way puts him in control of her money.

“Bryan has a job,” a contact close to the situation points out to Gossip Cop on condition of anonymity. He financially supports himself, and any money Carey spends on him or chooses to give him is no one’s business but their own. Our insider further calls the tabloid story “ridiculous.” Well, as highlighted above, Life & Style has quite the ridiculous history when it comes to this couple.

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