Bruno Mars Sued For Stealing “Uptown Funk”

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Bruno Mars Sued Uptown Funk

By Shari Weiss |

Bruno Mars Sued Uptown Funk

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Bruno Mars is again being sued for allegedly stealing “Uptown Funk.” Mark Ronson, who co-wrote and co-produced the hit song, is also named as a defendant.

The lawsuit accuses the two of copying a 1983 single called “Young Girls.” The song was released by the 1980s funk-soul group Collage, of which only one member is still alive. But that surviving member claims in legal papers that “Uptown Funk” has not just the same harmony, melody, and rhythm as “Young Girls,” but also the same structure.

The suit argues that Mars and Ronson were likely aware of “Young Girls” and influenced by it because both are purportedly fans of music from that same 1980s scene. “Uptown Funk,” of course, was only released in 2014, and became Mars’ most successful song to date. The track won two Grammys this past February, including Record of the Year.

Now the plaintiff is seeking a cut of the profits, as well as to stop future sales, according to TMZ. A previous copyright suit over the song led to a 2015 settlement in which members of The Gap Band were given songwriting credits and a percentage of the royalties. And, as Gossip Cop reported, back in May, rap trio The Sequence accused Mars of ripping off “Uptown Funk” from their song, “Funk You Up.”

A rep for Mars could not be reached for comment on this new litigation. Listen to “Uptown Funk” and “Young Girls” below.


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