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Bruce Willis raised a lot of eyebrows early on in the country’s lockdown due to the coronavirus when he joined his ex-wife Demi Moore and their adult kids in Idaho, while his current wife, Emma Heming, and their two young kids remained in Los Angeles. A flurry of tabloid reports breathlessly attempted to make a mountain out of a molehill after Moore let the world in on the living situation with an Instagram post. Gossip Cop explained over and over what was really going on.

It Started With An Innocent Photograph In April

Demi Moore posted a photo to her Instagram account featuring Willis, their children, and Moore all together at her Idaho home. It was meant to be fun photo, showing how the family was dealing with the quarantine early on. Of course, the gossip media pounced.

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Family bonding ????

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Just weeks after Demi Moore uploaded the photo, NW alleged the Striptease star was trying win her ex-husband back. The unreliable outlet quoted an insider as saying,

She plans to keep showing him their family needs him. It won't be hard, she'll just enlist her daughters, who have Bruce wrapped around their little fingers.

The story was obviously completely made up. For starters what “insider” would know those kinds of details? It sounds more like the plot of a bad romcom than something Moore (or anyone) would say to a friend. Additionally, it came out the Emma Heming was planning to join them, but a medical emergency kept her in Los Angeles for the time being (more on that later).

Bruce Willis kissing Emma Heming on the cheek.
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Emma Heming Was Supposed Furious At Willis

Just days later, the National Enquirer got in on the fun with its own dubious report alleging Heming was “seething” at the Die Hard over his choice to join to Moore in Idaho while she was stuck in LA. Unfortunately for the tabloid Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughter explained what happened to Heming, revealing on a podcast,

My stepmom was going to come up here, too, with my little sisters, but my younger sister, who is now actually 7-years-old, had never gotten a talk about not [messing] with hypodermic needles that she found [at a park], so she actually tried to poke her shoe with it and poked her foot.

Heming had to stay behind while their young daughter was put through a nightmare of test for diseases after the incident. It’s not something anyone would want to have to go through. It does fully explain why Willis was in Idaho, while Heming was in LA. It should be noted that Willis and Moore have always been close friends since their divorce and that has extended to Heming. Heming is not jealous of Moore, or vice versa.

Demi Moore on the right, Bruce Willis on the left back when they were still married.
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Demi Moore Fell Back In Love

Now it was just getting absurd. In May, Woman’s Day purported Moore was “falling back in love” with Bruce Willis during their time together in lockdown. Despite ample evidence that Heming was not worried about the unique situation, including multiple posts from Heming, commenting on Moore’s various posts, the tabloid still made this out to be some sort of love triangle. All the time, Gossip Cop kept repeating that Demi Moore’s official spokesperson had called all the rumors “nonsense.”

Going To The Well One Too Many Times

Finally, in mid-May, OK jumped on the bandwagon with a story purporting Emma Heming was “begging” Bruce Willis to come back to LA. Well, Gossip Cop didn’t need to reach out to our sources this time, as Heming had already joined the whole clan in Idaho after the all the tests on their daughter came back negative. It was a case of really bad timing for the tabloid when it made up this last bogus report.


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