Bruce Springsteen Suffering “Memory Loss”?

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Bruce Springsteen Memory Loss Teleprompter

By Michael Lewittes |

Bruce Springsteen Memory Loss Teleprompter

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Bruce Springsteen is not “suffering memory loss,” despite a made-up tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fabricated claim, which is based on him using a teleprompter. We’re told there’s absolutely no truth to it.

According to the often discredited National Enquirer, people who have supposedly seen his Broadway musical are allegedly “worried the 68-year-old star might be suffering memory loss.” A so-called “spy-witness” tells the supermarket tabloid, “Bruce has a teleprompter hanging mid-orchestra.” “The show is very scripted and features about 15 of his songs, but you would think he would know all the words by now. Maybe it’s an age thing,” adds the magazine’s questionable source.

Interestingly, the publication seems to be pretty forgetful since its article neglects to mention a few basics in journalism, including the “what” and “where.” Since the tabloid didn’t remember to note in its report, the name of the Boss’s show is called “Springsteen On Broadway” and it’s playing at the Walter Kerr Theater in New York. Additionally, the hit has been reviewed by numerous outlets and, for the most part, it has been widely praised. It’s also worth noting that no review has taken issue with Springsteen using a teleprompter or questioning whether time has taken its toll on his mind.

Regardless, a rep for the show assures Gossip Cop that Springsteen isn’t “suffering memory loss,” nor is it an “age thing.” In fact, we’re assured that using a teleprompter is actually more commonplace than many people realize. And for the Boss, it’s nothing new, a longtime mutual friend of ours and Springsteen tells us. In fact, the Washington Post reported back in 2012 that Springsteen routinely uses a teleprompter for performances and had been doing so for a number of years before that.

Gossip Cop might say the supermarket tabloid had a lapse in memory and forgot to fact-check its story about Springsteen. But then again, it seems the Enquirer often doesn’t remember to check its claims.

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