Fake Bruce Jenner “Woman” Story Exposes In Touch and HollywoodLife Lies

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Bruce Jenner Woman

By Daniel Gates |

Bruce Jenner Woman

(In Touch)

In Touch, a magazine that makes money by misinforming people, stooped even lower than usual this week, Photoshopping a picture of Bruce Jenner to it look as though he has become a woman while spreading the lie that he was planning to come out as transgender in The Advocate. It was not the first time In Touch has flat out faked a cover photo. But its insult to both Jenner and the real LGBT community was the most offensive thing In Touch has done in a while. Which is saying something, because this is the same magazine that spat on the recently deceased Robin Williams.

HollywoodLife, a website that makes money by misinforming people, spreads lies on a daily basis. Gossip Cop points out those lies, because someone has to hold HollywoodLife accountable for its journalistic abuses. On Wednesday, after In Touch published its 100 percent phony cover story, HollywoodLife somehow made things worse, treating the bogus In Touch “insider” account of Jenner’s The Advocate plans as though it was legitimate. The story spread, because HollywoodLife’s business model is to regurgitate anything it sees without checking facts.

The In Touch cover was so OBVIOUSLY fake, Gossip Cop assumed other outlets would take it as a joke, albeit not a funny one. We never should have given HollywoodLife and its ilk so much credit. The gullible (or just plain craven) site happily treated the In Touch report as gospel, blathering about Jenner’s alleged plan to come out to The Advocate. It’s complete nonsense.

Don’t believe us? Here’s what Matthew Breen, editor-in-chief of The Advocate, had to say about the situation: “I’m astounded that Bonnie Fuller’s HollywoodLife would claim to have ‘all the details’ on Bruce Jenner’s ‘big magazine plans’ because their story is a total fabrication — like In Touch’s distressing Photoshopped cover. Neither publication has any insider source with knowledge of The Advocate’s planned coverage.”

It’s shameful garbage: In Touch made up a story, and HollywoodLife helped spread the lie. This is a pattern that happens pretty much every week. And Gossip Cop has documented countless similar cases. Beyond being lazy and sensational, the outlets’ actions are offensive — not only to Jenner and his family, and not only to transgender people, but also to readers who expect at least a modicum of respect.

By the way, as BuzzFeed points out, the In Touch Jenner cover is just a sloppy superimposition of the reality TV star’s face on a picture of actress Stephanie Beacham. In Touch can’t even do fake stories well. See below.

Bruce Jenner Stephanie Beacham



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