Bruce Jenner Video Shows He’s Solely To Blame For Fatal Car Crash: Report

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bruce jenner stars react about bruce kuwtk

By Michael Lewittes |

bruce jenner stars react about bruce kuwtk

Bruce Jenner is solely to blame for the car crash that killed Kim Howe on February 7, according to a new report. TMZ claims, based on video taken from an MTA bus on the scene, that the white Lexus in front of him was actually still moving slowly, contrary to Jenner’s contention to the police that there was little he could do because Howe had hit the brakes.

The site says Jenner, who was smoking a cigarette with one hand on the wheel, seemingly was not paying enough attention when he slammed on his brakes too late, causing an intense impact that knocked Howe’s car into oncoming traffic on the Pacific Coast Highway, resulting in the Lexus being hit head-on by a Hummer.

While Jenner was not speeding, it’s believed he was still moving at enough of a speed that after causing the deadly accident he then hit the Prius, which was in front of the Lexus. For the time being, however, the LAPD has simply stated, “We are still looking at the videos of the crash to determine what happened. We have not deemed who is at fault yet, the investigation is still very much open.”

It should be noted, however, that no one is saying Jenner was speeding, and even though he was responsible for hitting the Lexus, which led to Howe’s death, it’s not clear whether the former Olympian will be charged with vehicular manslaughter. Gossip Cop will, of course, be updating should more information emerge.


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