Bruce Jenner Vagina Photo: FAKE Gender Reassignment Surgery Picture Shamefully, Irresponsibly Posted By MediaTakeOut

Bruce Jenner Vagina MediaTakeOut

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Bruce Jenner Vagina MediaTakeOut

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Just when Gossip Cop thought certain outlets’ coverage of Bruce Jenner’s transition couldn’t stoop any lower, MediaTakeOut went ahead and posted a FAKE vagina photo from the star’s supposed gender reassignment surgery.

Of course, Jenner revealed in Friday’s “20/20” interview that he has not undergone any such procedure, but that didn’t stop MediaTakeOut from declaring on Saturday, “MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: The GRAPHIC Pics Of Bruce Jenner’s GENDER REASSIGNMENT… Are Allegedly LEAKED!! (Wanna See What His NEW PRIVATES Look Like).” The webloid claimed to have the first photos of Jenner’s “new genitalia,” and oh-so-classily wrote, “There’s no way you can tell… that he used to HAVE A D*CK!!!”

So, where did these supposed pictures of Jenner’s “private area” come from? “According to a website in THAILAND, the doctors that performed the gender reassignment surgery on Bruce Jenner took photos of his private area AFTER he underwent the surgery,” alleged MediaTakeOut, adding, “The website then LEAKED the images — which it claims show Bruce Jenner POST SURGERY.”

MediaTakeOut didn’t bother to verify any of the information before posting what it claims is a photo “showing Bruce’s new VAH-JAY-JAY,” and even had the gall to comment, “Wow . . . medical technology today is AMAZING.” No, what would be “amazing” is if MediaTakeOut handled Jenner’s transition with any ounce of respect, sensitivity, and discretion. Really, it would be amazing if the outlet showed any semblance of ethics at all.

The explicit photo MediaTakeOut posted is NOT of Jenner, and he has NOT had any surgery on his genitals. But that the webloid thought it would be appropriate to post any kind of picture from the alleged procedure is simply stunning. As Gossip Cop reported, Jenner’s privacy has been invaded several times throughout his transition process, most recently when the New York Daily News and Who magazine purchased long-range paparazzi photos of the star wearing a dress on his private property. But this disgusting new violation is in a category of its own.

In his “20/20” interview, Jenner admitted to Diane Sawyer that he considered suicide last year, after paparazzi took photos of him when he went to a doctor to get his Adam’s apple shaved. Fearing the exposure of something he wasn’t yet ready to share with the world, the former Olympian contemplated killing himself with a gun. But that revelation clearly had no impact on MediaTakeOut. The webloid still posted what it believed was a photo of his post-surgical genitals, and apparently saw nothing wrong with that. MediaTakeOut’s irresponsibility is astounding.


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