Bruce Jenner Did Not Have ‘Top Secret’ Sex Change Three Weeks Ago, Despite Claim

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Bruce Jenner Sex Change

By Michael Lewittes |

Bruce Jenner Sex Change

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Bruce Jenner did not undergo a “top secret” sex change, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. We’re told by a Jenner insider it’s completely untrue.

The false report was first posted on RadarOnline, a site which Gossip Cop already busted today for wrongly claiming that Jenner dyed his hair blonde. In its latest, even more sensational misfire, the webloid alleges Jenner had gender reassignment surgery three weeks ago “at night in a deserted Beverly Hills clinic.” The site quotes one of its woefully ill-informed sources as saying the procedure was performed “after hours, and the only staff in the facility was very minimal.”

RadarOnline further quotes its so-called “insider” as saying, “[Jenner] was very happy with the results, but didn’t realize how grueling the recovery would be.” The supposed “insider” adds that Jenner thought he might have had a urinary tract infection afterwards, but it was simply the “pain from the procedure.” That’s a very specific detail for a story that’s all made up.

Of course, if the webloid had a real “insider,” why did it take three weeks to find out about the surgery? The truth, however, is that Jenner did NOT have his gender reassignment surgery three weeks ago at night in an “empty building,” as the webloid claims. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this false report. A Jenner pal tells us it’s simply NOT true.

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Bruce Jenner has recently undergone a secret sex change.


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