Bruce Jenner’s Family NOT Trying To Put Him In Psych Ward, Despite Report

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Bruce Jenner Psych Ward

By Daniel Gates |

Bruce Jenner Psych Ward

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Bruce Jenner’s family is not planning an “emergency intervention” to send him to a psych ward, despite a National Enquirer report claiming the Kardashian clan is considering an extreme response to what the tabloid characterizes as Jenner’s “bizarre behavior.” Gossip Cop can bust the story.

According to the outlet, Jenner has “been flying into fits of rage and acting disoriented.” A so-called “insider” tells the Enquirer, “[His family members are] scared about whether Bruce is in the right state of mind to look after himself.” The magazine’s source adds that since his involvement in a car accident earlier this year, Jenner has been “jumpy and erratic.”

The tabloid says the Kardashians have “discussed putting him in a psych ward” to force him to get help. “His family thinks he’s ready to jump the rails!” No details whatsoever are given about which of Jenner’s loved ones feel this way, when such an intervention would take place, or what specific hospitalization they think he needs.

That’s because it’s made up. The Enquirer, which has been sensationalizing stories about Jenner for years, and especially as his gender transition became news, is trying to make it seem as though the reality TV star’s supportive family has turned on him. This is the same publication that recently “reported” about Jenner getting a “cut-rate back alley” sex change operation in Thailand. It’s the same magazine that spread a fabricated “lust list” of Jenner’s alleged male romantic targets.

This new story is just more of the same. It’s the Enquirer trying to exploit Jenner’s very real personal journey with very fake speculation. There’s been no “psych ward” talk among family members, a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop.


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