Bruce Jenner Kids United In “Love” And “Support” Of Transition To Woman, Degree Of Understanding Is A “Spectrum”

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WomenBruce Jenner Kids Reaction TransitionWomenBruce Jenner Kids Reaction Transition

By Michael Lewittes |

WomenBruce Jenner Kids Reaction TransitionWomenBruce Jenner Kids Reaction Transition

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Bruce Jenner is transitioning to living as a woman, as Gossip Cop reported earlier in the week, but how do his six kids feel about it? While a source close to the family felt uncomfortable breaking out child by child how each of them has reacted to this being publicly divulged, we’re told the overall feelings are “love” and “support.”

“They want their dad to be happy,” says our insider, who adds that the degree of acceptance and understanding is a “spectrum” and is “not divided by sex.” Jenner is the father of three boys (Burt, Brandon and Brody) and three girls (Cassandra, Kendall, and Kylie). One thing we’re told the kids are all in synch about is that “Bruce is in charge of letting out as much or as little [information] as he wants… It’s all his call, and they all respect that.”

As Gossip Cop previously noted, of late the former Olympian has appeared in public with a more feminine appearance, sporting longer hair and polished nails. One year ago, Jenner had his Adam’s apple shaved down.

Us Weekly reported in the middle of the week that Jenner was shooting a docuseries for E! about the 65-year-old’s desire to live his life now as a woman, featuring interviews with his family about the transition. When Gossip Cop had asked about the same sort of stories in the past, we were told there was no such program; however, our latest attempts to get more information about the rumored special have gone unanswered. What do you think about how Jenner’s kids are supporting their dad?


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