Bruce Jenner Dress Photos: Fans Show Support After Invasive Pics Are Published

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Bruce Jenner Dress Photos Reactions

By Minyvonne Burke |

Bruce Jenner Dress Photos Reactions

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Bruce Jenner’s fans are showing the reality star their full support after invasive photos of him wearing a dress were published on Tuesday. As Gossip Cop reported, the New York Daily News shamelessly released pictures of Jenner as a woman on the cover of Wednesday’s paper.

In the images published by the tabloid, Jenner is shown standing outside his Malibu home wearing a long, black-and-white striped maxi dress, as he smokes a cigarette. While the former Olympian has yet to respond to the photos, Gossip Cop hears his attorneys are “on it.” Meanwhile, Jenner’s fans have taken to Twitter to offer him support and encouragement.

“Why can’t people just leave Bruce Jenner alone,” a fan named Chloe 3 Days tweeted. “I truly cannot comprehend how everyone seems to think it’s ok to make transphobic jokes about Bruce Jenner #seriouslynotcooleveryone,” wrote Bennie Denton, adding, “If Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman can’t he just be a woman in peace… Jesus, people taking satellite photos of the guy on his patio #WTF.”

Another fan named Gabriela Rodriguez said she wasn’t going to believe anything in the media “until Bruce Jenner confirms it in the interview” with Diane Sawyer on Friday. Twitter user Xavii noted, “#BruceJenner looks so f*cking good she is working that maxi dress im so happy shes finally found peace now.”

Chelsie Deschenes commented, “Why can’t everyone let Bruce Jenner do whatever the f*ck he wants!? Leave him alone! #ignorantf*cks.” And yet another supporter named Caroline said, “Isn’t happiness more important than ‘traditional gender roles’? #BruceJenner #YouGoBrucey.”

Many others angrily tweeted at the Daily News for being “insensitive” and using long-lensed photos of Jenner on his private property. Tell us what you think about the newspaper publishing the highly private photos of Bruce Jenner?


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