Bruce Jenner Dress Photos: New York Daily News Shamefully Publishes First Pictures Taken By Paparazzi Of Him As A Woman

Bruce Jenner Dress Photos Daily News

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Bruce Jenner Dress Photos Daily News

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Bruce Jenner was violated on Tuesday when the New York Daily News shamefully published photos of him wearing a dress on his private property.

The newspaper announced the publishing of the invasive pictures as a “world exclusive,” and showcased one of the pictures taken by paparazzi from a distance, while Jenner was on his private property in Malibu, on the cover of Wednesday’s edition. On its website, the Daily News published a total of six photos of Jenner. None of the pictures, much less the publishing of them, was sanctioned by Jenner, and Gossip Cop will not be re-posting them here.

In fact, as Gossip Cop reported earlier Tuesday, Jenner actually called the police when he realized there were photographers on a hillside near his home snapping pictures of him today. He summoned the cops after previously warning on past occasions that he would take such action if need be. It is against the law to use telephoto lenses to shoot unwanted photographs of people in private locations.

It was also reported earlier that photo agencies were shopping the pictures to various media outlets, and the Daily News disgustingly took the bait. Jenner should have had the right to wear whatever he wanted in and around his own home without fear of his privacy being violated. And he should have had the right to share his first post-transition photos however he deemed fit. Shame on the New York Daily News for taking that away from him.


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