Bruce Jenner Crash Video Reportedly Shows He Struck Both Cars, Indicates He May Have Been At Fault

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Bruce Jenner Dead Car Crash

By Daniel Gates |

Bruce Jenner Dead Car Crash

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The entire deadly Bruce Jenner car crash was captured on video, taken by an L.A. Metropolitan Transit Authority bus, and the footage allegedly does not look good for the reality TV star. According to what law enforcement sources have told TMZ, the video shows Jenner’s Cadillac Escalade hitting the Lexus in front of him, sending it into oncoming traffic, where it collided with a Hummer. The driver of the Lexus, Kim Howe, died at the scene.

Some early reports had provided a version of events in which Howe’s Lexus supposedly hit the Prius in front of it before careening into the Hummer’s path. But the video reportedly shows Jenner’s vehicle striking the Lexus, the Lexus NOT hitting the Prius before the fatal collision, and then Jenner’s Escalade hitting the Prius.

If Jenner did indeed hit the Lexus and then the Prius, it strengthens the case AGAINST him, making it more likely that Jenner was at fault for following too closely and distracted as he drove. TMZ suggests that it could lead to a potential vehicular manslaughter charge, although NO criminal charges have been filed against Jenner at this point.

The footage was taken by an MTA bus outfitted with multiple cameras. A video recreation, NOT the video itself, is being used by outlets including TMZ to illustrate what might have happened at the time of the accident, but the actual footage has not yet surfaced. Gossip Cop will have updates.


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