Bruce Jenner Did NOT Dye His Hair Blonde, Despite Report

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Bruce Jenner Blonde

By Michael Lewittes |

Bruce Jenner Blonde

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Bruce Jenner did not dye his hair blonde, despite a new, wholly inaccurate report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim, which began on one of the webloids. We’re told it’s absolutely not true.

According to RadarOnline, Jenner is seeing if it’s true that “blondes have more fun,” and so he’s lightened his locks in the middle of his transition. The webloid then asks if Jenner is copying Kim Kardashian, who recently dyed her hair blonde. That’s followed by one ridiculous sentence after another comparing Jenner to Kardashian, as well as a borderline remark speculating whether Jenner is trying to “out-woman” his ex-wife Kris Jenner. The site ends it’s absurd story, complete with a few long-lens photos of Jenner in a car, by asking its readers whether they like his “new look.”

There’s one teensy weeny problem with the weboid’s story: Jenner does not have a new look, because he has NOT dyed his hair blonde. His hair is still very much brown. Perhaps, if the site didn’t buy invasive paparazzi photos taken of Jenner from a distance in a speeding car, the webloid would have realized the blonde hair belongs to a female passenger, seated next to him. A Jenner pal tells Gossip Cop that the “blonde” in the car “definitely isn’t” the former Olympian.

Of course, this is the same webloid that Gossip Cop corrected when it wrongly claimed Jenner would debut as a woman on “Dancing With The Stars,” and then was busted again for falsely reporting that he had “cut out” Kim Kardashian from his life after speaking about his transition. Gossip Cop can only assume that RadarOnline is having yet another “blonde moment.”

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Bruce Jenner has dyed his hair blonde.


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