Bruce Jenner Alleged Bikini Bra Photos Taken By Paparazzi Shamefully Published By Who Magazine

Bruce Jenner Bikini Photos

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Bruce Jenner Bikini Photos

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Alleged photos of Bruce Jenner in a bikini top were shamefully published on the cover of Who magazine on Thursday, less than two days after the New York Daily News published pictures of the star in a dress. In both instances, the snapshots were taken by paparazzi while Jenner was on his private property, and published by media outlets without any permission from him. This is disgusting.

Who says the pictures of Jenner seemingly wearing a bikini or sports bra were taken “at his Malibu home.” They are obviously paparazzi photos, and appear to have been taken from a long distance using a telephoto lens. The former Olympian’s residence is in a secluded area of the California beach city, and he purposefully selected this area to have some privacy.

But like the Daily News, Who absolutely violated that by choosing to publish what essentially amounts to invasive surveillance photos. Jenner may be going public with transition journey on this Friday’s interview with Diane Sawyer, but he should have a reasonable expectation of privacy when at his own home. These pictures weren’t snapped while Jenner was out and about in town, or at an event. They were taken during personal moments on private property.

And, as Gossip Cop previously reported, it’s against the law in California to use telephoto lenses to shoot unwanted photographs of people in private locations. Jenner even confronted paparazzi recently when he noticed them snapping away from a hilltop near his residence. And when his warnings about the issue were ignored on Tuesday, the reality star called the police. Despite all that, the Daily News and Who still purchased pictures of these private moments and published them.

This is not just insensitive “reporting” about Jenner’s transition, though that makes it even worse, but an ethical issue in general. As Gossip Cop reported, in February Katy Perry took to Twitter to slam the publishing of paparazzi photos taken of her and her family at her home via a long lens. Noting the illegality of the snapshots and that they were taken against her will, the pop star blasted the “endangerment” of her privacy. More than a month later, she received an apology from OK! for printing “paparazzi photos of Ms. Perry that had been taken with a long lens while she was having a private function at her home.”

In the celebrity news business, journalists are tasked every day with weighing a story’s newsworthiness with a person’s right to privacy. In the case of these Jenner photos, both the New York Daily News and Who magazine made the wrong choice. And while the Daily News has since removed the dress photos the outlet published on its website, the damage, sadly, has already been done.


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