Bruce Davison To Replace Stephen Collins On ‘The Fosters’: Report

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Bruce Davison Stephen Collins

By Daniel Gates |

Bruce Davison Stephen Collins

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Bruce Davison has reportedly been hired to replace Stephen Collins as Lena’s father on “The Fosters.” According to TVLine, ABC Family has recruited Davison for the role of Stewart Adams, and he will appear on the fourth episode of the show’s upcoming third season.

Collins played the character back in the show’s first season in 2013. Since then, it was revealed that he has molested children, a scandal that rocked Hollywood and effectively ended the former “7th Heaven” star’s acting career.

The story broke last October when an audio recording surfaced in which Collins admitted to molesting multiple young girls over the years. He was immediately fired from Ted 2 and resigned from the National Board of the Screen Actors Guild. “7th Heaven” reruns were pulled from syndication.

In an interview with Katie Couric in December, Collins declared that he was not a pedophile, despite his pattern of behavior. “A pedophile is someone who is mainly or wholly attracted to children. I’m not. I had a distortion in my thinking where I acted out in those ways,” explained Collins. “But I’m absolutely not attracted, physically or sexually attracted to children. I’m just not.” His muddled explanation led to even more backlash.

Collins has held out hope that he may one day resume acting. It will not be on “The Fosters.” What do you think about the decision to keep the character on the show with a different actor?


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