Brooke Simpson “The Voice” Finale Video – Watch All Performances

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Brooke Simpson Voice Finale Video

By Shari Weiss |

Brooke Simpson Voice Finale Video


Brooke Simpson competed in “The Voice” season 13 finals on Monday, during part one of the finale. Watch the videos below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Simpson’s four-chair Blind Audition was featured on the season premiere back in September. The big-voiced singer had all the coaches fighting for her after performing Demi Lovato’s “Stone Cold.” She chose to join Miley Cyrus’ team, a decision that has paid off well throughout the NBC competition. In fact, she’s the only Team Miley member that is a part of the Top 4.

Now for the reality show’s last round, Simpson had to take the stage for three performances. First, she sang an original song named “What Is Beautiful.” Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson both gave standing ovations, but it was Adam Levine who spoke, telling Simpson, “I have loved you from day one and I have been sad ever since day one that you are not on my team… The song is perfect for representing who you are and the kind of artist you want to be.” Cyrus also exclaimed, “This girl is ‘The Voice’ and she’s a superstar.”

Simpson and Cyrus then teamed up for a duet of “Wrecking Ball.” For her third performance, Simpson chose a timely cover: “O Holy Night.” The moving rendition, for which she was joined by a choir, again received an ovation from Hudson and Cyrus. Hudson said afterward, “That was a gift and you outdid yourself tonight.” Cyrus then told viewers, “I cannot express the importance of everybody at home to vote for Brooke.” She added to her artist, “Tonight has been your night. You’ve never shined brighter. You’re such a star.”

With fans across the country voting through noon tomorrow, Simpson will find out on part two of the finale on Tuesday if she received more ballots than fellow finalists Chloe Kohanski, Red Marlow and Addison Agen. Check out all of Simpson’s performances from tonight below, as well as her music video for “What Is Beautiful.”

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