Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Wife Brooke Mueller Runs Off With Kids

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Charlie Sheen Brooke Mueller Kids Missing

By Andrew Shuster |

Charlie Sheen Brooke Mueller Kids Missing

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Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, ran off with their seven-year-old twins, Bob and Max, leading the police to search for them. The situation began Tuesday night at a Salt Lake City bar, and as of Wednesday morning, not all the parties were located.

Mueller, who was reportedly unkempt, barefoot and acting erratically, entered a bar in Utah with her two children and their nanny on Tuesday night. Police were called after she got into a fight with the kids’ babysitter, but she fled the scene before the cops arrived. Prior to the altercation, she had told a person in the bar that Sheen was her ex-husband and even provided his phone number. As a result, the police were able to call the actor and notify him about the incident.

After leaving the bar with her kids, Mueller supposedly tried to find a hotel in the area, but it’s unclear if she wound up checking into a room. She and her children currently live in the Utah area, where she moved earlier this year for rehab and treatment. The Salt Lake City Police Department tells Gossip Cop they now “know where the kids” are, and note “they are not in danger.” What’s still “under investigation,” according to the police is “whether anything criminal took place.” Mueller has since been hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation. Gossip Cop will have updates as this story develops.

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Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller has run off with their kids.


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