Brody Jenner Films Woman Asking: “Is Caitlyn Your Daddy?” (VIDEO)

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Brody Jenner Caitlyn Daddy Video

By Shari Weiss |

Brody Jenner Caitlyn Daddy Video

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Brody Jenner was asked by a stranger if Caitlyn Jenner is his “daddy.” Watch below.

Brody was out shopping with a friend when the unexpected encounter occurred. The “Sex With Brody” host was filming a pal trying on sunglasses when an unidentified woman approached him. “You know I have to come and [expletive] with you,” she says before asking, “Is Caitlyn your daddy?”

Brody is heard uncomfortably laughing from behind the camera, replying, “What?!” The shopper then repeats, “Is Caitlyn your daddy? Huh?” The video cuts off before Brody responds, and it’s not clear what happened next.

On Instagram, Brody captioned the footage, “Hanging with my homey @mdeichl at Walgreens trying to figure out what whack ass glasses fit on his face and then this [expletive] happens. #typical #itiswhatitis.” Despite being tagged, Brody’s pal Matt Deichl hasn’t mentioned the incident on his own Instagram.

The post elicited a range of responses from Brody’s followers. “Lmmfao this is hilarious,” wrote one person, while another remarked, “Brody she’s just trying to pop a few Jenners out. Your dad obviously has a great gene pool lol.” A different individual commented, “Wow!!! Ridiculous. But at least u laugh it off.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Brody’s half-brother Burt Jenner recently defended their father, writing on Instagram, “So obviously a lot has changed… But thankfully, for me, the most important stuff didn’t… My dad still loves toys, fun toys, still likes to go fast, still loves adrenaline… And will still whip your ass at… ANYTHING… Yup all you haters, my dad will still probably whip your ass at 65 with implants.”

Seems the Walgreens woman may have missed the memo. Brody is pictured above with Bruce in 2014. No pictures of him with Caitlyn have been released since her transition in June. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.


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