Britney Spears NOT Planning “Secret Wedding,” Despite Report

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Britney Spears Wedding Plans

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Britney Spears Wedding Plans

(Sam Asghari/Instagram)

A website is claiming to know Britney Spears’ “top secret wedding plans.” According to the report, the singer is engaged to Sam Asghari and intending to marry as soon as next month. But Gossip Cop is exclusively told the story isn’t true.

The questionable information comes from RadarOnline, which is announcing in a headline on Tuesday, “Rush To The Altar! Britney Spears & Sam Asghari’s Top Secret Wedding Plans Revealed.” In the wake of Spears concluding her Las Vegas residency on Sunday, the site maintains the “wedding countdown” is on because she’s “finally ready to take the next steps and tie the knot” with her “boy toy.” It’s specifically alleged the couple is “quietly engaged” and “planning to exchange vows in secret ceremony in the new year.”

“They want something intimate and classy, around Valentine’s Day, provided her schedule permits it,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. Oddly, the alleged snitch doesn’t explain why Spears’ schedule might not “permit it,” particularly now that her residency is over, or why, if she’s really “planning” a wedding, she wouldn’t ensure that she has the free time to actually walk down the aisle in five weeks. Instead, the outlet’s supposed tipster just goes on to assert Spears is “thrilled” her family is on board with the nuptials because that was a “huge factor” in whether she’d wed again.

The online publication concludes by repeating its contentions from last month about Spears purportedly being “desperate” to get pregnant with Asghari’s baby. Gossip Cop actually busted that article at the time, after being told the claims were “not true.” Now upon investigating this new narrative about a secret engagement and upcoming wedding, we’ve exclusively learned that it’s “just more bull.”

In fact, this the second time the gossip media has tried to marry the singer off in less than a week. Just days ago, Gossip Cop called out RadarOnline’s sister outlet, OK!, for wrongly claiming Spears was having a “secret wedding.” There’s little doubt the pop star is in love, as Spears even told Ashghari “I love you” in a recent Instagram video. But there is no wedding imminently in the works. UPDATE: Valentine’s Day came and went and Spears did not get married.

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