Britney Spears Does NOT Have Sex Tape, Despite Late And Wrong Report

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Britney Spears Sex Tape 2017

By Michael Lewittes |

Britney Spears Sex Tape 2017

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Britney Spears does not have a sex tape, despite a late and wrong report. Gossip Cop can correct this repeated falsehood. We’re told it’s all untrue.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier in the week, there is no real Britney Spears sex tape. It was a false claim made by the National Enquirer, the same often disproven tabloid we have corrected on other occasions when it has published factually inaccurate information about Spears. But that didn’t stop MediaTakeOut from alleging it has “learned that a Britney Spears sex tale just leaked, and it’s very graphic.” The repeatedly discredited webloid then contends it has “viewed” the video, before oddly adding, “but we do not have nor has ever possessed” the tape.

So, has MediaFakeOut, as it’s known, “learned” of the supposed tape or has it actually “viewed” it? Right away, that should be a red flag that the untrustworthy site is again seemingly fabricating its facts. Still, the webloid goes on to assert that the footage “shows Britney ‘riding’ her man, who is filming the whole thing,” and she’s “smoking what appears to be a joint.” At the end of its highly questionable article, the outlet suspiciously writes, “We’re not gonna post a link to the vid here… maybe someone in the comments below will post it.”

Basically, MTO appears to be manufacturing yet another story, and is simply rewriting the fake details from the Enquirer article, which states Spears is “smoking a joint and gyrating in ecstasy on top of a secret lover.” Lending more credence to the belief the site concocted this tale is that it can’t keep straight whether it “learned” of or “viewed” the tape, and that it won’t post a link, but is essentially begging its readers to try to find it.

But they won’t, because there is no Spears sex tape, as Gossip Cop previously noted. Curiously, MediaFakeOut made no mention of Spears being pregnant, which is odd since the same unreliable site claimed just three weeks ago, “We just learned that pop superstar Britney Spears is pregnant.” Much like that story and others from MTO, the latest article about Spears being in a sex tape seems to also be a complete and utter lie.

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