Britney Spears “Secret Wedding” Claim NOT True

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Britney Spears Secret Wedding

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Britney Spears Secret Wedding

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Britney Spears is not having a “secret wedding,” contrary to a claim from the tabloids. What’s more is the outlet is simultaneously trying to trick fans into thinking she’s already “married.” Gossip Cop can bust the allegations.

On the new cover of OK! is a picture of Spears and boyfriend Sam Asghari, with the teaser, “Britney Secretly Married! $200 Million Prenup!” The contention that the singer is “married” was purposefully put on the cover to attract attention on newsstands (see photo below). But after shelling out $5.99 for the issue, readers will discover that the actual article is about Spears supposedly getting married in the future. Despite the deceptive cover line, the story inside the edition acknowledges she is unwed.

For this flip-flop, the magazine maintains Spears is “set to marry” Asghari “in a hush hush ceremony after her dad made him sign a prenup.” That’s far different from already being “secretly married.” The outlet was purposefully misleading on the front of its edition just to lure in consumers. But they’re still being fed bad dish in the full story. The piece begins, “First comes love, then comes a $200 million prenuptial agreement, then comes an intimate wedding in Las Vegas, if you’re Britney Spears.”

It’s then specifically alleged that “insiders are buzzing that Britney’s planning on marrying” Asghari in a “small, secret ceremony in Sin City, her home away from home.” The publication contends that after Spears wraps her Las Vegas residency on December 31, “she and Sam plan to make things official.” A so-called “source” is quoted as speculating that the ceremony will “probably [be] at Caesar’s Palace,” where her stage show is based. It’s further claimed Spears and Asghari are “already writing their own vows” and planning to just have “witnesses present,” before a “reception with [her] kids and family.”

As for the purported prenup, one of the supposed “insiders” asserts Spears’ dad “presented Sam with the contract, which protects Britney’s $200 million fortune, and Sam signed right away, no questions.” Adds this alleged tipster, “He’s happy to let Britney know he’s not with her for her money. And now that the business part is out of the way, they can get on with mapping out the rest of their lives.” It’s more like OK! is mapping out their lives for them.

Though the outlet contends “insiders are buzzing” about an upcoming wedding, none of Gossip Cop’s Spears contacts shared that belief. In fact, we were specifically told there is no such marriage plans circulating within her camp. If and when the pop star does to choose to marry, it won’t be this publication breaking the news. This is the same tabloid that tried to mislead fans into thinking Spears quit her residency in April. It’s also the same tabloid that in May made up a cover story about Spears being pregnant and married.

It’s telling that none of those erroneous claims are mentioned in this new tale about Spears having a “secret wedding.” And, really, if it was actually happening and meant to be secret, why would people leak it to a gossip magazine? They wouldn’t. Gossip Cop can at least confirm the singer does have big plans coming up in Las Vegas in at least one regard. Part of Spears’ final concert will be broadcast during ABC’s “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve.” Those plans were announced last week. Perhaps OK! should’ve reported that in its latest issue instead of apparent untruths about a wedding. UPDATE: Spears finished her residency is Las Vegas and, as Gossip Cop rightly noted from insiders, she did not get married. She remains in a relationship with Asghari, but they are not even engaged.

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