Did Britney Spears Elope With Sam Asghari In Louisiana?

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Britney Spears and Sam Asghari attend the 2019 Daytime Beauty Awards

By Hugh Scott |

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari attend the 2019 Daytime Beauty Awards

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A tabloid report last year claimed Britney Spears planned to get married to Sam Asghari in Louisiana. The story wasn’t true. Gossip Cop debunked it and a year later, our reporting has been shown to be accurate.

“Britney & Sam Eloping!” read the headline of an OK! article on December 22, 2018. The piece said Spears and Asghari were getting married in the new year. The phony report quoted a so-called “insider” as saying, “They’ve talked about this endlessly, and as much as a traditional wedding has its appeal, they’d both sooner get it out of the way with something low-key.” This dubious source went on to say, “She appreciates the subtle things in life now, and Sam’s been a huge influence in that. They plan to become husband and wife in early 2019!”

This was just the latest in a long list of bogus articles written by the tabloids purporting that Spears and Asghari were getting married. The reports have never been true and neither was this one. Gossip Cop dismissed it as false after checking with a source close Spears, who confirmed it was fiction.

OK! has a dismal history when it comes to predicting nuptials for Spears and Asghari. Almost exactly a year previous, in December 2017, the same tabloid wrote a similar story about Spears having a “secret wedding” sometime in the future. That report alleged Spears’ father had “made” Asghari sign a “$200 million prenup” ahead of a “hush hush ceremony.” The only difference was this story claimed the wedding would be in Las Vegas, not Spears’ home state of Louisiana. Gossip Cop debunked it.

That was the second time the unreliable outlet contended the singer was getting hitched that year. In May 2017, OK! claimed Spears was pregnant and set to marry in Hawaii. Obviously, neither claim was true. Spears never had a baby, and she’s still not married to her boyfriend. Gossip Cop busted this one as well, of course.

Just three months after the bogus Louisiana wedding story, OK! was back alleging Spears was demanding that Asghari propose. This article made no mention of the previous claim about the couple getting married in January. The article also came at a bad time, as Spears’ father had been in the hospital and the singer had just canceled shows at her Las Vegas residency to be by his side. It made no sense that she would get hitched at such a time. Indeed, nothing the tabloid writes about Spears makes much sense.


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