Britney Spears Did NOT “Quit” Las Vegas Residency Because Of “Sex Tape Leak”

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Britney Spears Quit Residency

By Shari Weiss |

Britney Spears Quit Residency

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Britney Spears did NOT “quit” her Las Vegas residency because of a “sex tape leak,” despite a misleading report. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

On Monday, Spears announced the final dates for her “Piece Of Me” concerts, which will take place in December. Reputable outlets reported the announcement as a straight news story about the residency coming to an end later this year after a four-year run. But not OK!.

On the homepage of its website, the tabloid blares, “Headed For Breakdown: Britney Spears Quits Vegas Residency After Bombshell Sex Tape Leak.” A reasonable person would read this and rationally conclude Spears is on the verge of a meltdown and has abruptly quit her Las Vegas showcase after a sex tape leaked online. But all that is 100 percent false.

The accompanying story makes the same implication, with the gossip magazine saying, “The pop sensation has announced that she’s ending her Las Vegas residency — right after news of her leaked sex tape surfaced!” But Spears’ decision to move on from her residency has nothing to do with the “news” of a sex tape. As Gossip Cop has already reported, there is no Britney Spears sex tape.

This was a fabrication first peddled by the National Enquirer last month. Days later, OK! picked up its sister outlet’s debunked claims, and falsely alleged Spears was in a “sex tape trauma.” It was all lies, as is the suggestion now that Spears “quit” her Vegas show because of a (non-existent) sex tape.

And she hasn’t really quit anything. Spears has simply decided not to renew her contract again, although her manager has indicated she may kick off the next chapter of her career with a new project in Vegas. OK! could’ve just reported this straight out. Instead, the tabloid opted to go with salacious, sensational and inaccurate clickbait.

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