Britney Spears Pursuing Tom Hiddleston?

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Britney Spears Tom Hiddleston

By Holly Nicol |

Britney Spears Tom Hiddleston

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Britney Spears is NOT pursuing Tom Hiddleston, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim. We’re told it’s “made up.”

“I’ll make Tom my boyfriend!” blares a headline in this week’s edition of Heat, which goes on to allege Spears is begging her manager to set her up with Hiddleston three months after his romance ended with Taylor Swift. A so-called “source” tells the magazine that Spears is “more than ready to date again, and she has a huge weakness for British guys.” “To her they are the ultimate gentleman, she loves the accent and their good manners,” adds the tabloid’s questionable insider.

Spears has liked Hiddleston for a while, contends the outlet. Its ill-informed source claims, “She thought he was a total hottie in ‘The Night Manager’,” but then he started dating Swift, which supposedly made Spears “a little jealous,” and she was “kicking herself for not getting to him first.” But now that Hiddleston and Swift are officially over, the singer isn’t wasting “any time going after him,” and hopes that “once they get some time alone together, she’ll be able to totally charm him,” says the publication’s source. According to the tabloid’s informant, Spears’ manager has already reached out to Hiddleston’s people, and he’s allegedly “open to it.”

But no one was ever contacted. Gossip Cop looked in to the claim, and we were exclusively assured by an impeccable source close to Spears that the article was completely “made-up.” The singer is not pursuing Hiddleston.


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