Britney Spears Asked To Prom By Teenager David LeCours (VIDEO)

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Britney Spears Prom

By Michael Lewittes |

Britney Spears Prom


Britney Spears may be headed to the prom this spring. A Massachusetts teenager named David LeCours has set up a Twitter campaign to get the singer to be his prom date on April 29. Watch the video below.

LeCours, 17, tweeted out a photo of himself holding a letter he wrote filled with Spears’s song titles, asking her to his senior dance. The letter noted that LeCours “would feel very LUCKY and might jump UP N DOWN if you see this. If I said I WANNA GO to Prom 2016 with you, would you HOLD IT AGAINST ME?” Since LeCours began the campaign last month, his message has been retweeted and shared hundreds of times.

LeCours said he has been a fan of Spears since the age of two when his parents would play her music for him. He also credits her songs for helping him get through tough times. But if Spears accepts, it actually wouldn’t be the first time they’ve met.

The student from Agawam, Massachusetts has spoken to the singer in person three times before. Spears even wrote him a personal response after he gave her a letter at their second meet-and-greet, according to a local report. Her letter of encouragement to LeCours was signed, “Shine bright always, Britney Spears.”

The teenager said that he’s hopeful for a response from Spears, but isn’t expecting anything. Gossip Cop reached out to a rep for the singer to ask about the “proposal.” Watch the video below about David LeCours’ campaign to have Britney Spears come as his prom date.


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