Truth About Britney Spears Being Pregnant

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Britney Spears in a red dress smiling next to Sam Asghari in a tan suit

By Griffin Matis |

Britney Spears in a red dress smiling next to Sam Asghari in a tan suit

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As one of the defining pop culture icons of the late ‘90s and early 2000s, Britney Spears has been targeted countless times by the tabloids. One of the most common, recurring rumors about the singer is about her being pregnant with her third child, and first with longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari. Here are a few of those stories that Gossip Cop has debunked.

In April 2018, celebrity blog Naughty Gossip incorrectly declared that Spears was three months pregnant and keeping it “under wraps” based on a story from another gossip site, Blind Gossip. The site questioned how Spears would perform with a “baby belly” before oddly referring to Asghari as Spears’ “steady partner” rather than by name. Gossip Cop checked with our Spears source, who dismissed the story as fiction. As we pointed out a year after the initial rumor, Spears was not pregnant in the slightest. The gossip blogs proved themselves to be as unreliable as they are numerous.

In August 2018, Heat claimed that Spears wanted a baby after “finding love and settling down” with Asghari. “Britney really wants to have one more child,” a supposed insider told the outlet. “She and Sam are thinking of trying starting after she finishes this tour in a few weeks.” The source also claimed that Spears was hoping for a daughter since she already has two sons. The tabloid then mistakenly refers to Spears’ ex Kevin Federline as having custody of their two kids, when in reality, he and Spears share 50-50 custody. Still, Gossip Cop checked with our reliable Spears source, who wrote the story off as “not true in any regard.”

In November 2018, NW claimed that Spears was ready for “her next adventure” with Asghari: “another baby.” The tabloid alleged that two were planning on using a surrogate “close to her family home in Louisiana.” It also claimed that Spears was investigating “gender-selection IVF treatments” to ensure she has a daughter. The magazine then argued that Spears was using a surrogate to avoid the “postnatal depression” she had to deal with after her previous pregnancies. The article finishes off with a few additional lines about Spears having a “rumored ring on her finger” from her boyfriend. It also indicated that Spears’ family was enamored with Asghari.

Of course, the tabloid didn’t bother to address its claim about Spears and Asghari getting engaged on her birthday from 11 months prior. Gossip Cop’s source in Spears’ camp tipped us off that the prior claim was fake, and they told us the same for the surrogacy and “rumored ring” story as well. That previous rumor saw the tabloid adamantly declaring that Spears’ family wasn’t a fan of Asghari in the least. Furthermore, the tabloid had claimed that her family was pushing her to go to rehab, but that narrative is entirely absent from the surrogacy story. The tabloid clearly just published whatever they could come up with for the singer.

This May, the National Enquirer tried its hand with a false rumor about Spears being pregnant and “ballooning” after a brief stay in a mental health facility. Despite a bolder headline, the story itself is based on the speculation of a totally anonymous source. The source’s reasoning was that Spears acted “ravenously hungry and everyone believes it’s because she’s pregnant.”

Contrary to the source’s assertion, not “everyone” believed that, since Gossip Cop and those actually in Spears’ camp knew it wasn’t true. Spears’ spokesperson denied the pregnancy claims, and our Spears insider labeled the rumor as “not true.” It was just another in a long string of fake rumors about the pop icon, and it almost certainly won’t be the last.


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