Britney Spears Still Not Pregnant, Despite False Report A Year Ago

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Britney Spears pregnant Baby

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Britney Spears pregnant Baby

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Britney Spears is still not pregnant, despite a report a year ago falsely claiming she was having a baby. Gossip Cop busted the untrue story on February 27, 2017. Now 365 days later, time has proven we were right.

The inaccurate allegation that the singer was expecting came from the unreliable MediaTakeOut, which exclaimed in a headline, “MTO EXCLUSIVE GOSSIP… We Just Learned That Pop Superstar Britney Spears… Is PREGNANT!!!” Its claim was based on a purported “rock solid industry insider,” yet the site did not seem 100 percent certain as to the alleged baby’s paternity. Rather, the blog simply asserted that Spears’ boyfriend Sam Asghari was “believed” to be the father.

Despite the supposed pregnancy, the outlet told fans not to “worry” about Spears’ career being affected. The online publication maintained the songstress was still in the “early” stages, so there wouldn’t be an “impact” on her Las Vegas residency. The website added that the concert series was ending in “early September.” But even if Spears was in her first month of pregnancy in February, she’d be late in her third trimester by the time September rolled around, making it unlikely she’d be able to perform her dance-heavy shows.

Of course, this was actually a non-issue because, as Gossip Cop correctly reported at the time, Spears was not pregnant. And while the outlet swore up and down based on a hidden “source,” Spears rep happily went on the record with us to confirm the story was “not true.” Sure enough, nine months later, the pop star did not give birth to a baby. And one year later, she still isn’t pregnant. Oh, and her concerts didn’t conclude in September. Spears’ residency actually ended with a New Year’s Eve show on December 31.

At the time Gossip Cop debunked the original report, we pointed out that MediaFakeOut has a long history of erroneously claiming stars are pregnant, perhaps most notably with Rihanna. But the gossip media in general also seems obsessed as of late with impregnating Spears. Last May, OK! fabricated a cover story about her being pregnant, and in September, Star wrongly said she was fighting with her father over having a third child. The following month, HollywoodLife laughably claimed Khloe Kardashian was inspiring Spears to have another baby.

Then in December, RadarOnline alleged Spears was “desperate” to get pregnant with Asghari’s baby, and in January, Life & Style ran a manufactured narrative about a “wedding and a baby.” Most recently, earlier this month, Us Weekly contended Spears had “secret baby plans at 36,” but never actually said what those supposed “plans” were. And, as Gossip Cop pointed out, she is committed to touring this summer, after which she may plan a new residency for 2019. Spears could decide to add to her family one day, but to date, all of these articles have been provably wrong.

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