Is Britney Spears Online Dating?

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By Daniel Gates |


Britney Spears has “turned to online dating websites in a bid to bag a new man,” claims the National Enquirer. Wait… what?!

According to the tabloid, in the wake of her split from fiancé Jason Trawick, Spears has been “scouring Internet matchmaking sites, looking for her Mr. Right.”

“She doesn’t have the courage to go on any dates yet, but she’s doing a lot of anonymous flirting,” a so-called “friend” tells the Enquirer. The tab’s source reveals, “Britney has tried several sites, including and She’s found a few guys she thinks are hot. She’ll chat and flirt but won’t go further.” Ah, so no actual dates… how convenient for the Enquirer that there have been no public meetings with real-life men that could be photographed or otherwise documented — after hours of “anonymous flirting.”

Spears’ loved ones think the online dating is a positive development, says the magazine, as long as there’s no, um, dating. “They think it’s a good thing that she’s occupying her time with thoughts of moving on in the romance department,” explains the Enquirer source. “They’re not opposed to her doing the online thing so long as she doesn’t actually go out and meet a stranger from the sites.”

If this story sounds like the bogus, half-baked speculation of a magazine that’s run out of interesting things to say about Spears, that’s because it is! A source close to the pop star literally laughed off the online dating rumor when Gossip Cop inquired about the Enquirer.


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