Britney Spears Did NOT Say World Is “Ruled By Pedophiles,” Despite Claim

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Britney Spears Pedophiles

By Shari Weiss |

Britney Spears Pedophiles

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Britney Spears did not say the world is “ruled by pedophiles,” contrary to a disturbing report. Gossip Cop can expose this untruthful fake news.

“Britney Spears: ‘I’m Not Bringing More Kids Into World Ruled By Pedos,'” reads a completely made-up headline from YourNewsWire, the same outlet that falsely claimed Justin Bieber said pedophiles run the music industry. In this new piece, the site writes, “Britney Spears says she could not ‘in good conscience’ bring anymore children into the world because it is ‘ruled by pedophiles and secret societies.'” The catalyst for the story is the incident last week in which a purported fan rushed the stage at Spears’ Las Vegas show.

The online publication claims she “spoke with fear in her voice” afterward, and told so-called “associates,” “They are determined to finish me off. They want to make an example of me.” It’s further alleged in the article that Spears said she’s “shielded” her two sons “‘like a protective tiger’ from the entertainment industry and it’s ‘nest of vipers’ that feed on the fresh blood of young children.” In another quote attributed to the singer, her kids are compared to “prey.”

The outlet further contends Spears said that without her protection, “They would have been completely corrupted by now. They would come out the other side as victims or psychopaths.” And in an additional supposed statement, the site asserts the songstress said of purported Satanic cults in Hollywood, “Secret societies run the world and they have their own agenda. Until you get up close to these people you really have no idea how depraved the world really is.”

These are all 100 percent fabricated quotes, Gossip Cop has confirmed. They happen to come from the same website that last month claimed Spears “told close friends and staff that Prince William is a reptile who shifts between human and reptilian form during moments of heightened arousal.” These stories may seem utterly ridiculous, but they have a wide reach. The combined social media followings for YourNewsWire and its parent company, The People’s Voice, total nearly one million.

As the stories go viral on platforms like Facebook, not everyone realizes they are fake news. That’s a problem, and it’s why Gossip Cop takes the time to call out these absurd articles when we come across them. Celebrities are exploited with made-up stories all the time, but it’s particularly shameful when such reports fabricate links to pedophilia. To be perfectly clear: The incident at Spears’ concert had nothing to do with pedophilia, cults, or secret societies, and she never said as much about the show or her children. Period.

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