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Britney Spears is not pregnant and she's not married, either, contrary to a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can reveal the claims are both deceptive and "not true."

The new cover of OK! blares, "Pregnant Britney Married In Hawaii!" Both assertions are untrue. Still, the front of the magazine further alleges Spears had a "secret ceremony" with her "23-year-old boytoy," Sam Asghari. That's a lie, too. And notably, the tabloid goes from its declarations about her being "pregnant" and "married" on its cover to merely speculating in its actual article that both are possible scenarios because "sources close to Brit are buzzing."

The outlet refers to a purported "insider," who suggests the couple's "April getaway to Hawaii may have been the backdrop for an elopement." "Getting married secretly is just the sort of stunt she'd pull," the publication's supposed source says, as if that's proof that nuptials actually went down. And because the gossip magazine doesn't, in fact, have evidence that a wedding took place, most of its story is filled out with a rehashing of Spears' past relationships and career highs and lows.

The tabloid's alleged snitch assumes Spears received her sons' "permission" to wed, and also asserts that "friends" have been urging the pop singer be the one to propose. That's why the cover states as fact, "She Proposed To Sam" and "She asked her sons for permission," even the story itself doesn't really say that. And what about the pregnancy allegation? Tellingly, nothing further is said about that, aside from another so-called "insider" maintaining that the singer's father would not be happy about her "getting married and having a baby" after just a few months of dating.

To recap, the publication's cover declares Spears is "pregnant" and was "married in Hawaii." The story itself, however, just says she "could already be married, and even expecting a baby." And the quote featured on the front of the magazine, "I'm not afraid of being wrong again," is also different in the article. It's not actually a direct quote. Rather, one of the alleged "insiders" contends to the outlet, "She's telling friends that she's not afraid of being wrong this time."

Those are a lot of inconsistencies, and the sole purpose for OK! peddling all these allegations on its cover as if they were factual is to lure readers into shelling out $5.99 for the issue. It's hardly worth the price since the magazine's article is nothing more than fake news. And not only does Spears' rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop the entire story about her being pregnant or married is "completely not true," but other sources further assure us that the speculative tale was simply made up.

And the tabloid has a track record of doing just that. More than four years ago, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for falsely claiming Spears was having a "baby on her own" in the wake of her split from Jason Trawick. Nearly two years ago, we called out a story that wrongly asserted Spears was banned from dating. And just last year, Gossip Cop debunked a ridiculous tall tale about Spears wanting to date Justin Bieber. But now readers are supposed to believe this same publication has insight into Spears marrying Asghari and having a baby? Much like the singer's initials, the latest cover is simply BS.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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