Britney Spears NOT Dead, Despite Twitter Death Hoax

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Britney Spears Not Dead

By Shari Weiss |

Britney Spears Not Dead

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Britney Spears is NOT dead. She is, however, the victim of a Twitter death hoax after Sony Music and Bob Dylan’s accounts were hacked and falsely reported the pop star had died.

On Monday morning, one day after Christmas, a tweet sent to the 613,000 followers of @SonyMusicGlobal wrongly announced, “RIP @britneyspears #RIPBritney 1981-2016.” A second tweet said, “Britney spears is dead by accident! we will tell you more soon #RIPBritney.” Both messages featured crying emojis.

Around the same time, on Bob Dylan’s page, a tweet was sent on his feed saying, “Rest in peace @britneyspears.” After then sharing one of the Sony tweets with the account’s 335,000 followers, a new message stated, “#OurMine checked Britney Spears twitter account if it’s hacked or not and they detected that it’s hacked! @britneyspears is still alive!!”

OurMine is the same entity that took credit for hacking the Netflix and Marvel Twitter accounts last week. All of the tweets have since been deleted from both the Sony and Dylan pages, and a statement was released hours later saying, “Sony Music Entertainment’s Twitter account was compromised. This has been rectified. Sony Music apologizes to Britney Spears and her fans for any confusion.” Spears herself has not commented, although she is alive and well.

The hoax, however, comes just hours after the death of George Michael, leading on-edge fans to worry the world has suffered yet another tragic loss. Gossip Cop has said it before and we’ll say it again: The only thing that needs to die out are these terrible hoaxes.

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Britney Spears is dead.

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