Britney Spears “No Touching Rule” Backstage Is NOT True

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Britney Spears No Touching

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Britney Spears No Touching

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Britney Spears does not have a “no touching rule” backstage at her concerts, despite a report calling her the “ultimate diva.” The story purports to share the supposedly crazy requirements Spears has for her staff. But Gossip Cop investigated, and found no proof to support the claims.

According to RadarOnline, Spears has “a very strict set of rules when it comes to her team, and those working for her backstage.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Nothing is allowed in your pockets. Hands must be visible at all time. No rushing; you are told to walk normally.” The use of personal phones and taking pictures supposedly isn’t permissible, either. It’s alleged photos can only be taken by the pop star’s own photographer.

“But most importantly, you are instructed by the Spears people not to touch her,” claims the site’s untraceable snitch. It’s also said she has a “no-alcohol rule, which applies backstage and in every one of her shows.” That last part seems to be the only real detail.

Late last month, Page Six reported that Spears’ team tends to keep her away from alcohol. But nothing was said about these other alleged stipulations, nor have they ever been reported elsewhere. On the contrary, many people who have worked with the singer have discussed how normal she is. In fact, while the blog calls her the “ultimate diva,” one of Spears’ songwriters said about working with her earlier this year, “There’s no ego… She’s a real one.”

Pam Chu, one of Spears’ backup dancers for her Las Vegas residency and current tour, told Cosmopolitan in 2016, “Britney is so sweet. She’s very quiet and reserved, and she’s also very goofy. I don’t feel like she’s my boss even though I know she is.” That sweetness applies to her acting career, too. In 2015, when Taryn Manning reflected on working with Spears on the movie Crossroads, she said of the superstar, “She is such a sweetheart. That’s one thing I will never forget about her: A very sweet, gentle human being.”

None of these people, who have worked with Spears at different points of her career, including the tour she’s on right now, said anything about being unable to “touch” her, having to keep hands visible, or being instructed on how to walk. Furthermore, despite the claim about Spears’ official photographer being the only one allowed to take pictures backstage at her shows, Chu recently showed off on Instagram a selfie she and other dancers took at the Radio City Music Hall stop of the “Piece Of Me Tour” just over two weeks ago.

Spears herself shared on Instagram last month a video showing her having fun with her “crew” in rehearsals. And the singer is very clearly touching her dancers in the footage. Gossip Cop also checked in with our own Spears contact, who works with her on a regular basis, and we’re told on background that they have “never heard” of these alleged “rules.” Perhaps that’s because they don’t really exist.


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