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Is Britney Spears suffering from memory loss? An alarming report claims friends and family are worried about her health. Gossip Cop looked into the story.

"Britney's Brain Is Broken," declares a sensational and insensitive headline in the National Enquirer. According to the supermarket tabloid, Spears' "mind has gone blank — sparking big concerns." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Britney is forgetting stuff at an alarming rate and it's very worrying to her friends and family."

Continues this untraceable tipster, "She can't remember even the simplest things, like where she's performing and people's names." The magazine's alleged insider asserts, "This tour, with all the travel to strange places and new hotels every other night, is not good for someone with her mental health issues." Gossip Cop isn't sure what's "strange" about Dublin, Glasgow and London, which is where Spears' "Piece Of Me Tour" has been
making stops this week.

Here's what's really going on: Roughly a month ago, it appeared to some that Spears forgot Andy Cohen's name after he was invited on stage at her New York concert. Cohen, however, wasn't fazed, as he didn't think the singer knew him before the encounter. "My take on this is, first of all, why would Britney know my name? She's Britney, [expletive]," Cohen later quipped on his radio show. "Like, I have no expectation — it's why I have no expectation that Madonna should ever know who I am... I am a mortal, and Britney is Britney." And Spears' own sister, Jamie Lynn, joked on Instagram that they would need to have a "Bravo binge" so the pop star could learn about the TV personality.

But now weeks later, it seems that incident was the inspiration for the outlet's article, particularly the claim that Spears can't "remember... people's names." Curiously, the publication offers no specifics, and doesn't provide a single example of the singer supposedly struggling with her memory, aside from alluding to the Cohen situation. On the other hand, there's actually proof that Spears' memory is fine. Consider: On every stop of her tour, she performs a 25-song set without issue.

There have been no recent reports of Spears forgetting lyrics or choreography. In fact, a review of Spears' New Jersey concert last month reveals she was battling a fever during that show, but "fans would have never known anything was amiss" if she hadn't told the crowd she was sick. That she was able to pull off such a performance despite illness is evidence that her "brain" isn't "broken" at all. Furthermore, if her family was truly worried that there is something seriously wrong, why would her own sister joke about Spears not knowing Cohen's name on social media?

Reality doesn't match the picture the tabloid is trying to paint. That was also the case in June when the magazine's sister outlet, Star, claimed Spears was "falling apart." Her ability to put on a successful tour, after a successful years-long residency, is proof to the contrary. A Spears confidante, who didn't want to speak on the record for privacy reasons, also maintains it's "not true" friends and family are concerned she's suffering from memory loss.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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