Britney Spears: I Want “Hot Nerd” With “Big Penis” (VIDEO)

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britney spears nerd penis

By Michael Lewittes |

britney spears nerd penis

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Britney Spears is looking for a “hot nerd” with a “really big penis.” She even announced it on Sunday during her “Piece Of Me” show at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. It was all part of one of Spears’ routines in which she calls up an audience member. The video below is so amusing, Gossip Cop suspects you will watch it over and over.

At one point, Spears, who is currently single, told the crowd that she and her dancers wanted a “hot nerd.” Then, while walking toward the audience and motioning around her crotch, the singer added it a would be a plus if the guy had a “really big penis.”

Spears often plucks out of the audience ordinary individuals as well as celebrities to join her on stage as she performs. Among others, the singer has put a harness and leash on Nicole Richie, Lance Bass, and Tyson Beckford, and tried to humiliate them as she dragged them across the stage.

Gossip Cop suspects that while the “hot nerd” may have been taunted for his brains, he wasn’t too embarrassed by Spears’ other prerequisite. Check out the video below of Britney Spears telling the crowd at her “Piece Of Me” show that she wanted a “hot nerd” with a “really big penis.”


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