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A story claiming Britney Spears "can't wait" to finish her Las Vegas residency is made up. The article also includes details about the pop star's alleged plans to put her career on hold. But Gossip Cop is exclusively told the allegations are illegitimate.

RadarOnline contends that with "only ten shows left until she is finished with her long-running 'Piece of Me' residency in Las Vegas," it has "exclusively learned that 'she can't wait' to be done with Sin City!" In fact, the site alleges Spears "already has her post-Vegas agenda set!" A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Britney's friends and family know what she is planning to do after she is done with Vegas."

"It's not work! She isn't even thinking of a new album or another tour right now," the purported tipster claims to the outlet. "All she really wants in life after this is over is to have a baby girl, get married and focus on her family for a while!" Noting Spears' relationship with Sam Asghari, the publication's supposed snitch adds, "Of course they've talked about marriage and Britney's dream is to have a real wedding someday. Sam seems to want this too."

It's not irrational to think Spears would want to take some kind of break when the concert series ends. And it's not illogical to suspect that she may get married again one day. But Gossip Cop is told that none of this information actually came from Spears' camp, professional or personal. On the contrary, we're told from her people that RadarOnline is just peddling "more made up stories." That's right: This supposed "exclusive" about the performer comes after the outlet seemingly fabricated previous articles about her.

For example, last month the webloid tried peddling a weird report about Asghari paying for Spears to have a boob job. And just weeks ago, following a massacre that left 58 people dead, the site told readers that Spears was "terrified" to return to Las Vegas and wanted out of her residency contract. Gossip Cop corrected the inaccurate claims, and our reporting was proven correct when Spears posted on Instagram about being back in Vegas. She even included the hashtag #VegasStrong.

Notably, nothing about that is mentioned in this new tale about Spears finishing up her run of shows. While the songstress is fulfilling her commitment, the outlet is pretending it never passed on misinformation related to a tragedy. If you're getting the impression that the publication is just winging it and manufacturing these narratives as it goes along, you'd be right. UPDATE: Not only was RadarOnline wrong about the singer being anxious to get out of Sin City, but Spears has reportedly just signed another deal for a Las Vegas residency. Us Weekly reports Spears was made an offer "she just couldn't refuse" nor would she because "she loves Vegas."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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