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Is Britney Spears "falling apart" and on the verge of a breakdown as she battles with Kevin Federline over child support? That's the rumor circulating this week. But Gossip Cop can disprove it.

For the last several months, Spears and Federline have been at odds over his request to substantially increase the amount of child support she pays him for their two sons. Now according to Star, the pop star is "falling apart" over the dispute, and "friends fear she could be headed for another mental breakdown." As evidence, the tabloid claims the "strain was showing" when a "bedraggled" Spears took the boys to an aquarium in Miami earlier this month. A so-called "onlooker" is quoted as saying, "She looked the same way she did in 2007. Just kind of raggedy and miserable."

But Spears documented her trip to Miami on Instagram, with photos showing she wasn't "bedraggled," "raggedy" or "miserable" at all. In fact, one of Spears' posts features her twirling by the pool. Another from less than a week ago notes in the caption how she was having "the best time." Even photos captured by paparazzi show Spears laughing as she goes jet skiing. Yet despite this, a purported "pal" cited in the article describes Spears as "very fragile and emotional" right now, and claims to the magazine that she's "crumbling."

"It's taking a heavy toll," the supposed source asserts of the legal issue with Federline, furthering calling Spears "so stressed out." As a result, it's said "friends and family are on high alert," as they "fear" the situation "might trigger another meltdown like the one she had in 2007 — and maybe more head-shaving." If this dramatic tale sounds familiar, that's because the outlet's sister publication, RadarOnline, ran a very similar story earlier this week that alleged Spears' family was worried about her having "another meltdown."

Gossip Cop pointed out the wealth of available proof indicating she's actually doing just fine, and also spoke with a Spears insider on the condition of anonymity, who not only maintained the claims were "not true," but also insisted they were "made-up." Indeed, both the tabloid and the site have a documented history of spreading misinformation about the singer. Earlier this year, for example, Star falsely alleged Spears was engaged to Sam Ashghari and eager to wed.

Yet no marriage has taken place, no engagement was ever announced, and there's no mention of the pair marrying in this latest report about her supposedly being on the verge of a meltdown. And as opposed to breaking down, Spears is currently in rehearsals for her "Piece Of Me" world tour, which starts in less than three weeks. It appears the only thing "falling apart" once again is the magazine's poor reporting.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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