Britney Spears Constantly Exercises So Boyfriend Doesn’t Dump Her?

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Britney Spears Exercise Boyfriend

By Andrew Shuster |

Britney Spears Exercise Boyfriend

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A blog is claiming Britney Spears constantly exercises because she’s worried boyfriend Sam Asghari will dump her if she’s not in perfect shape. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this ridiculous claim. We’re told there’s simply no truth to it.

“Britney’s Addiction? Spears ‘Obsessed’ With Exercising To Please Her Boyfriend,” reads a new RadarOnline headline. The accompanying article says the singer doesn’t want to lose “her much younger and athletic boy toy,” so she’s become determined to work out as much as possible. “She’s letting her obsession with diet and fitness rule her life to an unhealthy degree,” an alleged insider tells the site.

The outlet’s questionable source further describes Spears’ dedication to fitness as “a weird mission to constantly look picture perfect.” The seemingly phony tipster adds, “She’s always scrutinizing her reflection in the mirror and sometimes takes 50 photos before she’ll post one to Instagram.” The supposed source concludes, “People are happy that Britney is taking care of herself, but now it’s getting in the way of her having fun.”

This narrative is completely unfounded and seems to have been made up simply because Spears frequently documents her workouts on social media. The outlet also appears to be capitalizing on the fact that the singer’s boyfriend happens to be a fitness model, but that doesn’t mean she’s staying in shape just for him. A source close to Spears tells us on the condition of anonymity that the site’s report is simply “not true.” Our insider, who wasn’t able to go one the record, adds, “RadarOnline is just looking for a negative story.”

It’s worth noting, the blog’s article also contradicts yet another untrue story it posted in February. At the time, the site incorrectly claimed Spears was getting flabby due to a “junk food habit.” That report was entirely wrong, as the singer’s Instagram selfies and workout videos have proven. The online publication is now deceitfully reversing course by acknowledging that Spears is in good shape, but only because she doesn’t want to lose her boyfriend. That assertion is similarly false. The only remotely true aspect of the blog’s story is that the singer enjoys hitting the gym, and that’s all there is to it.


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