Britney Spears and her boyfriend Sam Asghari did not get engaged on her birthday, nor is her dad Jamie trying to stop the (nonexistent) wedding, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this falsehood. We're told it's all untrue.

According to the Australian magazine NW, after Spears and Asghari shared cupcakes on her birthday, the two got engaged. A so-called "insider" for the publication claims, "He proposed" with a "shiny new engagement ring." "It was his big, big gift," asserts the supposed source. "Britney didn't hesitate to say 'yes,'" adds the alleged "insider."

The tabloid's tipster maintains, "He's had the ring for a few weeks... He wanted to wait for the perfect moment and he thought her birthday would be it." "The fact that it was right around the time of their one-year anniversary only sealed the deal for him," further contends the magazine's "insider."

But not everyone is happy for them, asserts the publication. The magazine claims that while the singer's sons Sean Preston and Jayden James are "thrilled by the nuptial news," her father is "trying to put the brakes on it." The purported "pal" maintains the singer's dad is 100 percent against the engagement because he's "concerned about Sam's motives." To that end, states the outlet, the elder Spears is insisting Asghari signs a prenup to protect his daughter's "$263 million fortune."

While the tabloid doesn't address whether or not Asghari is willing to sign on the dotted line, it continues, "Nevertheless, Brit and Sam are still plowing headfirst into wedding planning, with or without her dad's blessing." The magazine boasts that it hears Spears and Asghari will "exchange vows as soon as Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve." "They're just both at the point where they think, you know, why wait? And Brit can't think of anything more romantic than a Christmas wedding?"

On the topic of Christmas: If you believe the tabloid's article, there's a good chance you also still believe in Santa. While it's true they celebrated her birthday together with cupcakes, which Spears publicly shared in an Instragam video, Asghari did not propose with a "shiny new engagement ring." Of course, if Spears and her boyfriend were going "headfirst into wedding planning," regardless of her dad's blessing, why would she not mention it? And isn't it odd that an Australian tabloid would have this exclusive and not one of the more reputable music magazines in the U.S. like Billboard or Rolling Stone?

The answer is simple: Spears is not engaged. Gossip Cop, who has covered her for more than 20 years and has several friends in common with the singer, is assured by a Spears confidante that it's not true she's engaged to Asghari. UPDATE: Christmas and New Year's have passed and Spears is neither married nor even engaged, as falsely contended by the tabloid.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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