Britney Spears Opens Up in Documentary: I’m “Not Really Made For This Industry”

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By Shari Weiss |


Britney Spears took fans behind-the-scenes of her upcoming Las Vegas residency in the I Am Britney Jean documentary. The two-hour “movie event” aired on Sunday, showcasing the singer’s months-long preparation for her highly-anticipated revue.

In between auditioning dancers, critiquing costumes, devising the set list, and rehearsing, Spears opened up about her career and personal life. “I’m not really made for this industry,” confessed the pop star, describing herself as “shy” and “modest.” Spears said her alter-ego comes out on stage — prompting her to joke about having bipolar disorder — and lamented the lack of privacy in the spotlight.

“There’s a lot of mean things on the Internet,” said the songstress, admitting she misses the days of being “naïve” about what was out there. “There was a time in my life when I couldn’t ever leave the house without 20 cars following me…,” noted Spears. “I felt very alienated from the public. But as time passed, they lightened up and they kind of went away after I wouldn’t come out of the house for like two years.” Spears said that time period was a “trying time” and not something she dealt with “well,” but acknowledged, “This is all I’ve known all my life — cameras, being followed, being part of the industry.”

That said, the performer welcomed the cameras into her parents’ home for Thanksgiving, where she celebrated the holiday with her sons and boyfriend David Lucado. Spears said she surrounds herself with “a good group of people” to keep her “real” and “grounded,” and credited Lucado with “understanding” her lifestyle. “He’s just a simple guy. He’s funny, he’s passionate,” said the twice-married star, adding, “He gets what I do, so it really kind of works out.”

When it comes to pressure, Spears said she tends to “go inward” instead of expressing herself, but also said it can lead her “thrive.” “There’s a saying you’re defined by who you become while you’re under pressure. And it’s true…,” said Spears. “It’s show business, and the show must go on.” And the “Alien” singer said she believes there are “angels, guardians, protectors” looking out for her, noting, “I definitely believe in heaven. I know there’s a place beyond our wildest dreams.” Now Spears is looking forward to her massive show. “Vegas is such a profound place to be,” she said. Spears’ Planet Hollywood run, Britney: Piece of Me, kicks off on Friday.


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