Has Britney Spears Ditched Her Diet?

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Britney Spears Diet

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Britney Spears Diet

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Has Britney Spears ditched her diet? That’s the claim from one of this week’s tabloids and its sister site. Gossip Cop looked into it, and it’s one big fat lie. We’re told it’s entirely “incorrect.”

According to Star, now that Spears’s latest tour has ended, “her fitness freak boyfriend, Sam Asghari, is worried she’ll fall of the wagon and into a pile of Cheetos.” A so-called “tipster” tells the tabloid, “This is the first time in years that Britney’s not worked out at least once a day… Sam is still hitting the gym hard, but Brit is kicking back.” The alleged insider, who can’t decide whether Spears is “Britney” or “Brit,” supposedly further says, “It’s no secret that Britney loves fried chicken, pizza and chips… She swears she won’t go berserk, but Sam doesn’t want her blowing her hard work on a few too many Frappuccinos.”

Not surprisingly, its sister publication RadarOnline ran a similar version of this story with the headline, “Britney Gives Up! Spears Ditches Drastic Diet During Downtime,” though the quotes were oddly changed. One would think the outlets would at least have photos of Spears eating pizza or junk food to prove their claims, but they don’t. And the reason, as a source close to Spears confirms to Gossip Cop, is that the tales about her ditching her diet are “incorrect.”

Just yesterday, Spears posted video of herself on Instagram before going on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and she appeared in perfect shape. And a little more than a week ago, Spears also shared on Instagram a video of her dancing the salsa. Unquestionably, she has remained fit through workouts and eating right, and Asghari has nothing to be “worried” about.

Of course, Star and RadarOnline have been wrong before about Spears. In August, for example, when she was performing her “Piece Of Me” show in England, Gossip Cop busted an absurd story that maintained Spears wanted to meet with Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and other royals, including Queen Elizabeth, but instead got snubbed by them all. Meanwhile, earlier in the year RadarOnline claimed Spears was constantly exercising so her boyfriend doesn’t dump her. In that article, a supposed source said, “She’s letting her obsession with diet and fitness rule her life to an unhealthy degree.”

So, a few months ago she was obsessed with “diet and fitness” and now she’s ditching it all? Maybe it’s time for those outlets to ditch their sources, who are wrong and occasionally contradict themselves. As we noted above, the videos of Spears speak for themselves. She look as good now as she ever has.


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