Britney Spears NOT Being Made By Dad To Date Colin Farrrell, Despite Report

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Britney Spears Colin Farrell

By Michael Lewittes |

Britney Spears Colin Farrell

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Britney Spears is not going out with Colin Farrell nor is her father trying to make that happen, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story. We’re told it’s 100 percent “not true.”

According to OK!, “Spears may be starting a recycling program… for boyfriends.” The inaccurate tabloid claims Jamie Spears is “convinced” that Farrell would make “the perfect boyfriend for his daughter” after her split with Charlie Ebersol. The magazine then quotes one of its either fake or woefully mistaken sources as saying, “Brit and Colin’s first go at romance was doomed, because they were too young and wild, but they’ve both matured and are parents of young boys.”

The tabloid’s specious source continues in absurdly biographical and unnatural dialogue: “As far as Jamie’s concerned, the fact that Colin’s oldest son, James, has special needs means Colin has the sensitivity to deal with Brit’s emotional issues. Jamie’s been playing up what a perfect pair the two would be, noting that they’re both sober and committed to practicing yoga.”

Irrespective of the terribly phony-sounding quotation above, Gossip Cop investigated. First off, Spears and Farrell never dated. They hooked up once in 2003 after going together to the premiere of his film The Recruit, so it’s not exactly recycling “boyfriends.” More importantly, a source close to Spears assures Gossip Cop the latest story from OK! is “not true,” and there’s “no way” the singer’s dad is looking to play matchmaker with her and Farrell.

Of course, Gossip Cop is not surprised the tabloid is dead wrong about Spears and Farrell. The tabloid has a miserable record when it comes the singer, having inaccurately claimed in the past that she has stripper poles installed in her hotel rooms and was marrying David Lucado in Hawaii. Interestingly, the magazine that now mistakenly says Jamie Spears wants his daughter to date Colin Farell is the same outlet that not too long ago claimed he was putting a “ban” on her dating. At least the publication isn’t “recycling” its lies.

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Britney Spears is being made by her dad to date Colin Farrell.


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