Britney Spears Christmas Wedding?

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Britney Spears Christmas Wedding

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Britney Spears Christmas Wedding

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Britney Spears did not get married last Christmas to Sam Asghari, despite a report from exactly one year ago that swore up and down she was going to be a holiday bride. Gossip Cop said it was untrue then, and it remains false to this day. A full 12 months have passed, and Spears and Asghari have not wed.

On December 20, 2017, NW maintained Asghari and Spears were so close to tying the knot that they were going to “exchange vows as soon as Christmas Eve.” One of the tabloid’s ill-informed or possibly made-up sources contended, “Brit can’t think of anything more romantic than a Christmas wedding.” The outlet’s tipster even claimed that despite her father Jamie’s concerns about Asghari’s “motives” and insistence he sign a prenuptial agreement, the singer and the fitness trainer were “still plowing headfirst into wedding planning.”

The magazine also claimed in the article that Asghari popped the question to Spears on her birthday. While no other legitimate outlet reported the two got engaged on December 2 a year ago, the tabloid alleged it had an “insider,” who shared that after eating cupcakes together, Asghari presented his longtime girlfriend with a “shiny new engagement ring” and she immediately said “yes.” At the time, an impeccable Spears pal assured Gossip Cop it wasn’t true, and now 365 days later it’s clear the pop star and her boyfriend aren’t engaged, nor did they ever walk down the aisle.

In the intervening year since its tale about Spears getting engaged to Asghari on her birthday and then quickly getting married afterwards, NW hasn’t become any more accurate with its reporting . Even though it maintained a year ago that her boyfriend proposed, Gossip Cop busted the outlet just a month ago when it again wrongly asserted Spears and Asghari got engaged and were having a third child via a surrogate. Once more, a Spears confidante told us there was “no truth” to the claim.

And a month before that, Gossip Cop nailed the very same tabloid when it ran a cover story alleging Spears was heading back to rehab. Of course she hasn’t returned to a facility, and just hours ago, a smiling Spears posted a video on Instagram in which she said, “2018 was such a great year for me” and how much she was looking forward to next year and her upcoming Las Vegas residency. As Gossip Cop likes to remind readers, time is not the friend of outlets that publish fictitious tales, such as Spears getting married last Christmas.


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