Britney Spears Gets Caught In Tree (VIDEO)

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Britney Spears Caught Tree

By Michael Lewittes |

Britney Spears Caught Tree

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Britney Spears got caught in a tree during her Saturday “Piece Of Me” show at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. When performing “Toxic” in her show, Spears is supposed to jump off a prop tree and fly out over the stage before landing on it, but a malfunction caused the pop singer to get stuck in the tree over the weekend. Watch the video below.

Spears, who was connected to cables, was supposed to become air-bound, but nothing happened, so her stagehands had to rush up the prop tree and unhook her. Once they did that, Spears walked down the stairs of the tree and resumed her performance on the stage.

This isn’t the first time Spears has had a malfunction on stage. In October, Gossip Cop reported how, during her performance of the song “3,” a zipper than ran up her leotard, from her behind to her neck, popped open. During that mishap, several male dancers tried in vain to get the zipper back up. And much like the current issue with the tree, Spears, at the time, continued singing and dancing without missing a beat. Spears’ costume also unzipped three years ago during the second night of her residency while she sang “Circus.”

Spears has made no mention of the latest glitch on social media, but Gossip Cop has video below of the singer caught in the tree while performing “Toxic.”


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