Britney Spears Shamed For “Transgender-Looking Body” By MediaTakeOut

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Britney Spears Transgender

By Shari Weiss |

Britney Spears Transgender

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Britney Spears is getting body-shamed by MediaTakeOut. And not content to just make fun of the singer’s body, the awful webloid’s piece is also extremely transphobic.

The cruel headline states, “YIKES!!! Britney Spears Has Been WORKING OUT TO MUCH… Now Her Body… Looks Like CAITLYN JENNER’S!!” The sick site (which used the wrong form of “to”) even implores readers, “Look At Her TWERK… She Looks Like A DUDE From The Back.” The actual story is no more than a few words, but it packs a mean, offensive punch: “Britney needs to slow down in the gym, cause she got one of those TRANSGENDER-LOOKING bodies.”

Gossip Cop isn’t sure what exactly is a “transgender-looking body.” But let’s be clear: Spears looks perfectly fine. And if she looked like Jenner, she’d still look perfectly fine. And if she looked “like a dude from the back,” she’s still look perfectly fine then, too.

MediaTakeOut, on the other hand, comes off as anything but fine with this gross attempt at shade. Spears is fit and healthy, as is Jenner. There is nothing wrong with the way they look, and this story degrades both women. And this piece says more about MTO than it does either of them.

Not only does the webloid have a disgusting history of body-shaming women, from Kesha to Serena Williams, but it also has a reprehensible history of being transphobic. In 2015, Gossip Cop similarly called out the bad blog for saying Chelsea Handler “looks Bruce Jenner-ish down there.” And just last year, the site ran a piece mocking EJ Johnson for “looking like a trans-prostitute.”

MediaTakeOut is not an opinion outlet, not that such opinions would ever be appropriate or acceptable. It brands itself as a news source. It’s even right there in the URL: “” But there is no news value in shaming Spears or anyone else over their looks. There is zero newsworthiness to a story comparing the pop star’s appearance to Jenner and saying she has a “transgender-looking body.”

Spears, Handler, Johnson, Jenner and everyone else do not warrant such criticism. But MediaFakeOut deserves every bit it gets.

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