Britney Spears Canceling Dinner On Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Is Fake News

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Britney Spears Benjamin Netanyahu

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Britney Spears Benjamin Netanyahu

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Reports claiming Britney Spears canceled dinner with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem at the last-minute on Sunday are nothing more than fake news. Gossip Cop can correct these claims, which were widely picked up and wrongly spread in the media. We’re told talks of a dinner with Spears and Netanyahu were “never confirmed.”

A number of Israeli outlet reported that Spears was slated to have dinner with Netanyahu, but canceled shortly beforehand. Israel National News, for example, wrote that the pop star nixed the meeting “after being mobbed by fans during a visit to the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.” The face-to-face, which the outlet noted was to include “young cancer patients,” was allegedly scheduled for after her Western Wall visit, but following the crush of fans and paparazzi, Spears bailed on the appointment.

The Times of Israel similarly claimed that after being bombarded by people at Israel’s holy site, Spears “decided to skip dinner with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and child cancer patients.” But it was not the commotion that surrounded Spears’ first-ever visit to Israel that caused the reported meeting to be scrapped. A source close to Spears tells Gossip Cop the meal with the Israeli Prime Minister was “never confirmed.” What’s more, we’re told by an impeccable insider that the children were actually invited on Monday to come to “her show and meet her before she performs” at Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv.

Spears is not the first pop star who’s been the subject of a rumor that inaccurately involved a supposed canceled meeting with Netanyahu and young Israeli kids. Back in 2011, Gossip Cop busted a number of fake news stories that alleged Prime Minister Netanyahu nixed a meeting with Justin Bieber during his first trip to the Holy Land. Just like the Bieber stories six years ago, the new ones with Spears are untrue. The Prime Minister was not slighted, and the pediatric cancer patients will get to hang out with the pop princess shortly before she hits the stage.